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The Luckfurt Industrie Handels GmbH found in 1997 is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As a subsidiary of the Chinese Dongbao Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., we focus on international trading businesses primarily between Europe and great China region. The Dongbao Group is a conglomerate with her headquarter in the city of Tonghua in Northeast China. Her core businesses include manufacturing and distribution of medical products and medicine, building materials, real estate, and beverages especially wild grape wines. Founded in 1985, Dongbao Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. is a conglomerate industrial group, with more than 20 sub- sidiaries, actively engaged especially in the field of pharmaceutical production and is now one of the pioneering manufacturers of recombinant biopharmaceuticals with recombinant human insulin. Dongbao has developed the first recombinant human insulin - "Gansulin" in China, with this great achievement from Dongbao, it is not only to fill the gaps in China , but also to make China to be the third country in the world who is be able to produce and to sale human insulin products.

In accordance with the main business fields of the Dongbao Group, Luckfurt successfully introduced a wide range of production lines into the Chinese market, such as production lines for plastic profiles, plastic-aluminium windows and doors , medical non-PVC infusions bags, 3 ml human insulin cartridges and etc..Within the Dongbao Group, Luckfurt plays the leading role in importing and exporting products like industrial raw materials, additives and components.

Frankfurt is the financial centre and the communications hub of Europe. Meanwhile, Frankfurt is a trading centre in the heart of Europe. A huge number of experts with excellent experiences in international co-operation work in the Rhine-Main area. As a trading company located in Frankfurt, Luckfurt has in-depth expertise of the Chinese market and Chinese corporate culture. Based on these advantages, Luckfurt aims to advise European companies in business segments such as technology transfer, machinery export, foreign trade, corporate consulting and project financing in the Chinese market.

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Frankfurt is the financial centre and the communications hub of Europe